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jobs originally objected to third party apps

Walter Isaacson’s recent biography of Steve Jobs reveals that in 2007 – upon the release of the first iPhone – Steve Jobs was dead against allowing third parties to develop Apps for the iOS device.

Since then, Apple’s App Store has now passed the 18 billion downloads mark, with a relatively mere $3 billion having been paid in royalties to the developers. Everyone on Jobs’ board apart from Jobs himself saw this opportunity before the first iPhone was released. However, an executive decision made by Jobs meant that the first iPhone (2007) only had Apps developed by Apple.

Isaacson recalls ‘He didn’t want outsiders to create applications for the iPhone that could mess it up, infect it with viruses, or pollute its integrity’. It seemed as though Jobs wanted the attention of the release of the iPhone to be focused solely on the device and for the consumers to appreciate it for the incredible iOS software and everything that was ‘Apple’ about it.

The board finally won Jobs round and created the App Store, which now holds over 500,000 third party developed Apps…

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