SHELBY (2014)

Shelby is a down on his luck orphan beagle. Since he can remember, he’s mostly lived in the pound with the other misfit dogs of the world. Christmas after Christmas Shelby has watched families arrive and adopt his friends. Shelby’s been adopted a few times but always ends up back at the pound with Doug The Dog Catcher. With Christmas day rapidly approaching, Shelby decides it’s high-time to break himself out and find a home. When opportunity presents itself Shelby grabs it with both paws causing Doug to begin a Christmas Day dog hunt!

Jake Parker (10) has always wanted be a Master Magician but he just can’t seem to make the tricks work... every Christmas he writes to Santa and asks for a Dog to be his magical assistant and his friend.

This Christmas Shelby and Jake’s wishes come true but the Parker family are about to get a lot more than they bargained for!

Starring CHEVY CHASE as Grandpa Geoffrey, ROB SCHNEIDER as the voice of SHELBY, TOM ARNOLD as Doug the Dog Catcher and JOHN PAUL RUTTAN as Jake, the film is a heartwarming Christmas movie which is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family.

Directed by BRIAN K ROBERTS, SHELBY wrapped Principal Photography in April 2014 and is coming to stores near you this Christmas.

PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON - Available from November 3rd 2014