The Ark and the Aardvark (2017)

From the creator of Kung Fu Panda

Set during Noah and the Ark, but from the point of view of the animals, the film follows the story of GILBERT. An aardvark, Gilbert becomes the reluctant leader of a ragtag group of misfit animals that need to be led to the mighty ark before the impending flood. Along their journey, they band together to conquer unforeseen natural disasters, and ultimately, Gilbert discovers within himself the inner strength and ingenuity to prove that a in a world of “twos,” anybody could be “the one,” even a lowly aardvark.

The film is from KUNG FU PANDA director John Stevenson and written by Philip Lazebnik (POCAHONTAS, ANTZ) and Theresa Cullen (THE LEGO MOVIE, MADAGASCAR). Miles Teller of WHIPLASH fame has just signed on to star as Gilbert.

Unified’s Keith Kjarval and Kurt Rauer produce while Cecil Kramer, a producer on Aardman Animation’s Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit, exec produces. Unified’s Ben Ruffman and Steve Goldstein also exec produce along with The Fyzz’s Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones and Watson Enterprises’ Kitt Watson.