DEAD SNOW 2 : Red vs Dead (2014)

After barely surviving his first encounter with the Nazi zombies and the brutal murder of his friends and girlfriend, Martin wakes up at the local hospital having spent months in a coma. Surrounded by doctors and police, Martin quickly learns that he is being charged with the murder of his friends. Knowing that the Nazi zombies have awoken and are on their way towards civilization, he flees the scene. Now a wanted man and realising that he needs help, Martin contacts The Zombie Squad, a group of American zombie killing specialists..

The Nazi zombies, led by their vicious leader Colonel Herzog, have not stopped since they made their way down from the mountain. They are marching towards Talvik, a town that betrayed The Third Reich during WW2, in order to complete a task, given to Herzog by Hitler himself.

The highly anticipated full throttle sequel will be bigger, scarier, funnier and promises to be even more successful than the original Dead Snow.

Following on from it's predecessor, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead screened at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and has been well received.

Produced by: Kjetil Omberg & Terje Stroemstad