Heist (2015)

Retiring mafia boss, FRANCIS "POPE" SILVA (ROBERT DE NIRO) is preparing to hand over the reigns of his thriving, and illegal, casino business to his protege DERRICK "DOG" PRINCE. POPE is a hard-as-nails, old school criminal who understands the importance of a public persona and never gives an inch of charity. A life motto that he maintains even when his loyal casino employee LUKE VAUGHN (JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN), an ex-soldier, desperately begs his boss to help him pay his daughter's life saving medical bills.

When Pope fires him, Vaughn decides to get even and begins to plan an elaborate heist with fellow employee COX. On the day of the robbery COX reveals he has allowed amateur, JULIAN DANTE (STEPHEN CYRUS SEPHER) to muscle his way into the job. As the job goes completely awry, and the first victim is shot dead, the three men grab the cash and run. At the nearest busy street they climb onto a bus on route 657, taking the passengers and driver as hostages and embarking on a race for their lives.

As well as the above, the film stars DAVE BAUTISTA and KATE BOSWORTH

Director: SCOTT MANN