The Last Seven (2010)

London. Population 7 million. Until today.

The Last Seven is a tightly scripted thriller set in a post-apocalyptic London, starring Tamer Hassan.

In the not-too-distant future, the face of London has changed dramatically. A rapidly expanding population has been cut down from 7 million. Now only 7 individuals remain, and together they must form a new society in the face of a desperate, unforgiving future.

Cast: Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Daisy Head and Danny Dyer.

Directed by: Imran Naqvi
Written by: John Stanley
Produced by: Toby Meredith, Simon Phillips and Patricia Rybaczyk
Executive Produced by: Wayne Marc Godfrey, Sarah Peters, Brenda A Parker, Taz Ayoub, Garry Stewart, Steve Stewart, Valentine Stockdale

Released Nationwide November 2010