Public Disturbance (2017)

THE JANOSKIANS (Just Another Nation Of Kids In Another Nation) are an Australian music comedy troupe who rose to fame on YouTube by playing pranks on each other and unsuspecting members of the public in a similar vein to JACKASS. Since then they have released an album and a number of singles and have their own clothing line.

There are five members; Daniel Sahjounie, James Yammouni and brothers Luke, Jai and Beau Brooks. Online the groups main YouTube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers, over 1.5 million Facebook likes as well as over a million twitter followers each.

In 2014 Lionsgate offered the group a movie deal. Based on their “Social Disturbance” short comedy videos on YouTube the movie will be directed by Danny Lee and filled with their public pranks and stunts, as well as scripted content showing the boys adjustment to life in LA after hailing from Melbourne.