100 Minutes to Save the World (2017)

Humankind’s miracle drug is failing.

The age of antibiotics is coming to an end. And it’s our fault.

Modern medicine and surgery are doomed. Our children will be decimated by diseases that we have always assumed we can cure with a few pills, or at the very most an antibiotic drip. For the next generation – and for us, later in life - surviving even the simplest surgical procedures will become the exception rather than the rule. An American mother’s chances of surviving a C-section in 2040 will be not much higher than what they were in 1940.

Production companies The Fyzz Facility and AMOS Pictures have come together to develop a 100-minute theatrical documentary about the looming medical apocalypse of antibiotic resistance, why it’s happening, who’s involved, where the epicentres of the crisis are and how it can be stopped.

Five time BAFTA winning and Emmy nominated Dan Reed will direct. Known for his hard-hitting tone Dan's previous credits include CHILDREN OF THE TSUNAMI, TERROR IN MUMBAI and Channel 4's THE PAEDOPHILE HUNTER.

The film will be a global event movie with the one-world feel of Koyaanisquatsi, the relevance of An Inconvenient Truth and the serrated edge of Fahrenheit 9-1-1.