DESTIN RYDER is granted one week's release from a high-security prison to work in construction on a bridge. Tensions run high between him and the crew, but when there is a thirty car pile up on the bridge the team work together seamlessly to save as many as they can. Amongst the survivor's is MARLIE, a young, beautiful woman on the run from her estranged, abusive husband who also happens to be the only son of the leader of the Zeta Cartel. When FELIPE arrives to take her home, the crew get in the way and a five hour bloody onslaught begins between the Cartel and the crew.

DESTIN knows that all they have to do is last the night and our convict is transformed from outcast to leader when it becomes clear he is the only one with the street smarts and deadly skill needed to outwit and annihilate the enemy.

THE BRIDGE was penned by writing duo DOMINIC MORGAN and MATT HARVEY