War Pigs (2015)

As the war rages in WWII Europe, Lieutenant Jack Wosick (LUKE GOSS) blindly follows his men into a battle that results in the annihilation of his men. Disgraced by his senior officers, Jack meets Colonel Redding (MICKEY ROURKE) who gives him a choice; a court martial or the mammoth task infamously unruly, undisciplined and down-right pig-headed troop of men, the WAR PIGS.

Paired with an ex-French legionnaire, Captain Picault (DOLPH LUNDGREN), Jack begins to shape his colourful new recruits into something resembling an army. An order from on high soon finds him landed in German territory, spying on a nazi super weapon dubbed "The Millipede" and in danger of losing his men again. Can Jack defy the laws of his officers and turn a covert mission into an all-out offensive in order to save his new troops?

Directed by RYAN LITTLE