Minimum requirements for film financing

The Fyzz Facility Limited can provide specific financing solutions for independent feature films that have a commercial and universal appeal. We look at all types of projects but require a minimum level of elements in place before making an assessment:

A Solid Script
The project needs to have an engaging, entertaining script that plays to an audience and has crossover potential. This should be near complete and not 'in development'

Key Cast & Crew
Cast and crew need to be locked in place, or at the very least be able to evidence this process is in final negotiations. The attached cast and crew need to hold commercial value within the particular market and ideally have been proven.

The project needs to be fully budgeted and at least 50% of the other type of financing needs to be already secure. Proof of funds will be required.

Sales Agent
The project needs to have attached a reputable sales agent with a good track record and be supporting up to date sales estimates.

Sales In Place
In most cases we need to see a couple of indicative pre-sales in place to establish market potential.

An accurate and achievable timeline needs to be scheduled, including start date and final delivery date.

Completion Bond
Ideally projects will have a completion bond in place. Low budget projects without completion bonds are still assessed but are not preferred.